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Six Dimensions of Prosperity

"Design is a funny word.  Some people think design is how it looks.  
But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works."

-Steve Jobs, as quoted on

How can you design and secure an internship that will provide you with the highest
return on your investment of time, effort, and money?  

What kind of interning experience will "jump-start" a rewarding career for you?  

In short, how will you prosper during & after as a result of your interning experience?  It's your choice... you set the parameters and you control your experience.

In the following I suggest six dimensions for designing a prosperous, well-balanced, purpose-driven internship/career.

One:  Meaningful Purpose & Contribution

What's your purpose?  What contribution are you inspired to make?

Identifying an overarching purpose (a definite major purpose) that engages your talents and abilities and which you are passionate about, is a good place to start.  It is the foundation of a purpose-driven internship, and also a purpose-driven career and life!  It is the guiding force directing your talents and abilities toward making an inspired contribution; one that is meaningful to you..  

Providing you a "compelling why", it fuels your efforts and generates the power necessary to achieve your goals and accomplish your objectives.  

Two:  Continuous Learning & Growth

What do you want to learn and how will your internship increase your competence and performance?

Your definite major purpose gives direction to lifelong learning that best serves your purpose and contributes to its fulfillment.  It is vital to achieving and sustaining your desired career.  For example, learning how to create value for others requires an ongoing effort on your part to make sure you discover and satisfy the evolving needs and wants of those you serve; your customers.

Your purpose keeps you focused on what to learn and thereby optimizes your capacity to produce desired results.

Three:  Social, Emotional & Spiritual Strength/Intelligence

In what ways will you develop greater social, emotional and spiritual strength during your internship?

Focus on this dimension of prosperity increases your influence with others and gives you greater resilience to successfully deal with stress and conflicts that arise.  Your effectiveness in all aspects of your career will increase as you acquire greater strength in these vital areas.

Four:  Career Development & Advancement

How will your interning experience enhance your career development and advancement?

Identifying your career purpose, goals and objectives saves you time and effort.  By aligning your internship to fulfill your purpose, achieve your goals, and accomplish your objectives, you put yourself on the fast-track to a rewarding and prosperous internship/career.  One focused on meaningful contribution and aligned with your priorities.

Five:  Physical Health & Fitness

In what ways do you want your interning experience to promote your physical health & fitness?

Although it may seem a distraction from building a great career, physical health and fitness combined with social, emotional and spiritual strength, help you maintain a productive and satisfying career.  They provide the reserves to fulfill your definite major purpose.

Six:  Financial Well-Being

Where's the money...?

What financial rewards do you want to receive and when?

The sixth, and certainly not the least, necessary dimension of a well-balanced, purpose-driven internship/career is financial well-being; how will a purpose-driven internship satisfy your financial needs and wants?  Learning, consistently applying and mastering skills that are economically viable are the "economic engine" of your career and the means to fulfill your purpose.

You Get What You Ask For

Remember, whether you are designing an internship or career, you get what you ask for; therefore, make sure you ask for everything you need to enjoy a well-balanced, purpose-driven internship/career.  

Focus on your strengths...

Design it so it not only looks good, but really works for you!

What Do You Think?

As always, your constructive comments are welcomed.  What did you find helpful in this post?  What would make it more valuable to you?

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