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Gaining Valuable Work Experience Just Got Easier...

"When you engage in a work that taps your talent and fuels your passion--that rises out of a great need in the world that you feel drawn by conscience to meet--therein lies your voice, your calling, your soul's code."  -Stephen R. Covey (The 8th Habit, p.5)

Unlimited Opportunity

In today's global economy, you have unlimited opportunity to build a career that keeps you in step with the meaningful contributions you want to make throughout your life (family, work, hobby, community, etc.).  Technologies of all kinds are making opportunity available anywhere & anytime.  The key is to begin now; and one of the best ways to do that is via a virtual internship.

Organizations are conducting more and more business on the Internet and building a career online is fast becoming a mainstream option.  Whether it be value creation, marketing, sales, value delivery, or finance, the Web makes it possible to do business more quickly, more effectively and more economically than ever before. Whatever the industry, the way the business of the world gets done is evolving through the Internet and its attendant technologies.


If you are of the Millennial Generation, life on the web is more than likely a natural.  You have grown-up with it, experienced it, and expect it as a given as you move into the world of work.  Your comfort level with life online gives you a vision of its possibilities for engaging careers and turning those possibilities into reality. Your perspective is not limited to "Can we do this online?", it is focused on "How and when will we do this online"?  You are ready to build resilient careers that use the many advantages of working on the Web.  Furthermore, your confidence in its potential to propel prosperity to new heights both now and in the future make it a viable platform to do so.

Gen X & Boomers

You of the X Generation and Boomers may or may not have embraced life online as willingly and confidently as the Millennials.  Nonetheless, in today's fast paced world you see the necessity of doing so.  The days of the horse and buggy are pleasant memories, but the future belongs to those who embrace the emerging technologies of the present and beyond.  Innovations of all kinds are changing our world and as the late Dr. Stephen R. Covey observed, "Change is a constant".

Why Virtual Internships

So, why should you consider a "virtual internship" (VI)?  Whether you're just out of high school, in college, or established in a career, a VI offers you a number of exceptional advantages to capitalize on the innovations of Internet technology.  It provides you a platform to keep up to speed with cutting edge developments as they unfold.  The following are just a few of those many advantages:


You can work anywhere Internet service is available.  You save time, money and personal effort. Instead of spending time in travel, you use that time to address other priorities, such as family responsibilities, recreation to refresh and re-energize, or service that is meaningful to you.  The money you save in travel to and from work can be used to further your education, fund vacations or other financial goals.  Your personal effort and energy are conserved by eliminating the work commute and used to accomplish a variety of non-work activities important to you.  Moreover, you can live anywhere you want which significantly adds to your quality of life.


The late Jim Rohn observed, "You are not paid by the hour, but for the value you bring to the hour." Whether your internship is paid or not, demonstrating you can add compelling value to any project separates you from the ordinary as one who is able to contribute to the bottom-line of any organization.  Nonetheless, for many a paid VI is a necessity.  After all, financial prosperity is high on most everyone's list; we all need financial resources to pursue our dreams. Moreover, whether an intern or not, responsible organizations are willing to pay and pay well for individuals who can deliver desired results.  So why not look for a VI/career opportunity that is well paid?


Although everything we do is takes time, how we organize and use that time can mean the difference between a highly productive career or one of just getting by.  A VI allows you to manage the use of your time. When are you most productive? When are you least productive?  Understanding the difference and using that knowledge can make better use of your time, your money, and your personal energy to optimize your prosperity and help others do the same.  With the flexibility of a VI you can order you schedule according to "your" priorities and optimize your work-life balance.


Depending on the VI, you can determine the experience you want to get and  find and accept projects that give you that experience.  If the VI is responsive to your needs, you can accomplish the goals and objectives of the organization and what's important to you.  It's alignment, and makes your contribution valuable to the organization as well as a valuable skill in your future work.  Some key transferable skills to consider learning and applying during your VI include building mutual trust, developing inspiring leadership and cultivating entrepreneurship.  Remember, when deciding on a VI, you have a choice!

Engaging Work

When you work on projects that engage your potential, passion, and talents you find ways to produce desired results in record time, conserving precious financial resources and the personal effort of everyone involved.  Because you are specializing and focusing on your strengths you put resources to their highest and best use.  You get more done in less time, with less cost, and with less effort.  You create more compelling value in the marketplace and that translates into more advantages and benefits for not only you, but many others as well!

Coaching and Mentoring

Fulfilling your purpose and accomplishing your goals and objectives can be accelerated through coaching and mentoring.  It is timely, relevant, and keeps you focused, accountable, and productive.  When considering a VI this key process should be high on your priority list.  It will make the most of your interning experience, your career future, and save you time, money, and effort.

Virtual Internship Design

If a virtual internship sounds like it might be a good fit for you, you're invited to explore the possibilities of how it can help you develop and advance a rewarding career for yourself.

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